Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor

Maintenance Care

Tip 1

Regularly sweep your floor with a broom that has fine, exploded heads. This will trap any dirt and grit that may be on your floor. Sometimes sweeping doesn't pick up all the dust that is on your floor.

A good dust mop with a 12-18 inch cotton head will collect the remaining dust. A dust mop with disposable cloths will also work well.


Deep Cleaning Care

The one time water is GOOD for your hardwood floor!

Damp Mopping is the best way, and also the fastest, to deep clean your hardwood floors. Depending on how much traffic your floors get, you may want to mop it as often as once a week.

You will want to clean the floors with a neutral pH wood cleanser and water, or a manufacturer recommended product. We specifically recommend using a small amount of white vinegar diluted in a bucket of water to clean your hardwood floors. This will help clean up any highly soiled spots and oil or grease that may have splashed on the floor.


Preventative Care

Tip 2

What can I do to prevent dirt from scratching my floors?

Having dirt, grit, and sand on your hardwood floors is similar to rubbing sandpaper over the floors. Over time, your floors will get scratched, dented, and dull. To prevent this from happening, be sure to regularly sweep and clean your floors, and place floor mats at your entrances to trap dirt, and minimize damage.

I've spilled on the floor. Should I be worried that my floor will be ruined?

While it is not recommended to pour water or other liquids on the floor, a spill is not going to damage your floor if addressed timely. Simply clean up spills as they happen. If you find that there has been liquid sitting on your wood floor for an extended period of time, you may have a warped floor, and a damaged finish. If you think that this may be the case, please give us a call and we can assess the damage.

What is recommended to be used as a cleaner for my floor?

We strongly recommend using neutral pH cleaners specifically designed for hardwood floors. If that is not available, vinegar and water are also acceptable substitutions. Avoid using any oil based cleaners. The oil will build up on the floor, and will create problems when putting a maintenance protective coat on the floor.

What do I do about Furniture on my Hardwood Floors?

Tip 3

A few simple rules to follow when putting furniture on hardwood floors are:

  1. Lift the furniture to move it - dragging can lead to scratches and unsightly grooves in your floor.
  2. Put felt on the bottom of the legs to prevent scratching.
  3. If chairs catch or become difficult to slide away from the table, check the bottom of the felt and remove clumps of dust that may catch and inhibit sliding
  4. Check felt bottoms at least on an annual basis and replace accordingly
  5. Install casters that are specifically approved for hardwood floors and mats on top of the floors (soft casters) on the bottom of desk swivel chair legs in the office and/or den space .

What can I do about sun discoloration on my floors?

Direct sun can damage your hardwood floor and cause discoloration. Close curtains and blinds, or add sheer drapes to protect the floor from direct UV rays. If your floors have discoloration and sun damage, contact us for a free assessment of the damage, and we will discuss your options for repair!

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